Spring Cable Jam @ HWC

HWC had their first cable jam of 2011, Saturday, March 26th

Contest results coming soon! Until then enjoy the photo gallery!

We will be introducing our new 2 sided kicker (one side wedge one side kicker, and our new 88′ a-frame. The spring cable jam will be the first weekend that the rail will be up and compleately ridable.  We are looking to have a good time and have a lot of fun with these new obstacles in the water.
March 26th is going to be a great day at HWC with fun for all. All ages and abilities welcome to come out and ride.

I think this tournament is going to turn into a fun ride where you can come out meet and greet some wakeboarders and pay a flat fee for as many rides on the new cable as you can get in. FreeBirds World Burrito will be out here with food. Prizes will be given for those who want to come out and push your personal boundries. We are thinking about Best Crash, Best Trick, Biggest Air, and possibly some others. Come out and enjoy the weather and the water and see what HWC is all about. Riders will start riding around 10:00 AM and run through the day.


4 Responses to “Spring Cable Jam @ HWC”

  1. ProZachJ says:

    I went out yesterday and hit the wedge/kicker. This thing gives you a serious boost into the air!

  2. justin h. says:

    Set-up looks nice. Maria, Thom and I will be there at least until it starts getting hot.

  3. justin h. says:

    Great set-up and a fun event. We will be back again soon.

    Zach, I would call HWC. I don’t have a camera, but they were taking pictures.

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