Round Up 2011 Wraps

If you where one of the unfortunate souls who missed GCWA’s round up circa 2011 , you missed a great
weekend at Bethy Creek Resort. Everyone got to see some amazing riding on the Endless Ride Cable System and enjoy a boatload of crawfish afterwards. The raffle was huge including a last minute board entry by Bethy Creek, M2 & Wakenation Cable Passes, Skateboard and so many other goodies thanks to our sponsors: …listed alphabetically


Akinz Boardwear

Backside 5

Bethy Creek Resort

Julie Hunk: Hunk Realty

M2 Boardsports


Schlitterbahn Galvestion

Texas Tige

Wakenation Houston


An extra big thanks goes out to Bethy Creek’s Endless Ride Cable for putting on such a great show. Kevin Duebner for cooking up some amazing crawfish and everyone else who stepped up to help make Round Up 2011 a great time.

I’ve finally managed to amass some photos from this years event thanks to:
Julie Hunk
(there are two other people who sent me pics but I can’t find their email on my iphone. i’ll add their credit to this post when I get home)


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  1. olmoomba says:

    Thanks Julie, Dante and MrX2 for the photos!!!!!!

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